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our story


How did it all begin?

It all started in the late 80’s - as every good story does - in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. A neighbor asked Lynne and Andy to come over to try something he’d been working on.


He was a homebrewer, and this was just a casual get together. 


It was both Lynne & Andy’s first time trying a beer brewed out of someone’s kitchen. Reflecting on that first sip, Lynne says:


“There was substance. There was substance to that beer...and for someone who didn’t really identify as a beer drinker, that was a new thing for me.”


Lynne and Andy were intrigued. And well, the rest is history. Lynne bought Andy his very own brewing kit for his birthday in 1989. 

Homebrewing quickly became a hobby that Andy was passionate about, and he kept at it for 25 years. In the beginning he would use the kitchen, then he outgrew that and moved to the garage, and when he finally outgrew the garage, Lynne and Andy built their own home. The basement there became Andy’s brewery.


Over the years, Andy shared homebrews with family and friends, and was pleased to find them well received. He even won several homebrew competitions, including Pilsner Urquell competition, which sent him and Lynne to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival (GBAF) in 2012. 


By this point, Andy and Lynne had settled permanently in Boone, North Carolina. Andy had a successful 30+ year career as forensic toxicologist behind him, and Lynne had served her community for 31 years as a social worker, with her last venture being the executive director for the Hospitality House.


Both decided that they were at a point where they could "retire" from their respective careers and embark on the journey of operating a brewpub.

That’s how the idea of Lost Province was born.


Lynne brought her management skills and Andy brought his passion for beer, extensive knowledge of beer styles, chemistry background, and 25 plus years of brewing to this venture.

In 2013, the business was organized. All that was left was finding the perfect location. After months of looking, 130 North Depot Street became available. Lost Province officially opened its doors in August of 2014. 

These days, the demand for Lost Province beer has exceeded the production ability in the downtown location. So, a second location has opened in Boone! Lost Province at Hardin Creek is a production brewery and taproom, in which we're able to make a LOT more beer.  We're also excited to create a new community space, and we hope that our newest taproom becomes a Boone favorite. 

As a business, we proudly remain committed to utilizing a business model that makes us a great place for our employees to work (atmosphere, pay, benefits), that gives back to the community, that sources as many products locally supporting the community we love and that integrates sustainable practices in all we do.

Our head brewer and founder, Andy Mason, working in the brewery.
Lost Province beer being poured from the tap.

what does 'lost province' mean?

During the late part of the 19th century and early part of the 20th century, the three counties in the northwestern corner of North Carolina – Ashe, Alleghany, and Watauga Counties –  were known as the Lost Province due to their geographic and economic isolation from the remainder of the state.


Bordered on their south and their east by the “The Blue Ridge” eastern continental divide, these three counties were historically cut off from many of the social, political, and economic happenings in the rest of North Carolina. A major geographic barrier, “The Blue Ridge” acted as a hindrance to the development of transportation infrastructure, limited contact with outside areas, and slowed economic development in the region following The Civil War. 


A common joke in the remainder of the state was that the only way to get the Lost Province was to be born there. 


To us, the term “Lost Province” signifies a place that remains somewhat difficult to get to, perhaps hard-to-find, but is a place to be sought, and a place where you will find food and drink for your body and soul, relaxation, fellowship and peace. We hope you will enjoy your time in “The Lost Province.”

Daniel Parker.jpg

Daniel | Brewer

Through my years at Lost Province, I have made deep lasting connections that have sculpted who I am today. Beyond the bonds formed, I have grown exponentially in the profession of brewing. Starting off, I knew little practical application, but I have learned every side of the craft. Every day is different, from the tasks to the locations that I work at, which keeps me satisfied and interested. All in all, my 3 years at Lost Province have been fruitful and enjoyable by allowing me to explore the science and art behind making beer.

Matt Russel.jpg

Matt | Shift Lead

Working at Lost Province is truly something special, and what makes it stand out is the incredible bond I share with my coworkers. The sense of community we've built together is what I value most. Without our exceptional staff, and their amazing spirits, Lost Province wouldn't have that welcoming atmosphere that keeps our customers coming back.

Work With Us

Work with us 

We're different than the average restaurant or brewery. We utilize a tip share model, and ALL of our employees make at least $15 per hour (many positions make more with this model). Full time employees who work a minimum of 32 hours per week are eligible for benefits, including health insurance, vision, dental, paid time off, supplemental insurance, 401K, and sick time. In the near future, we hope to be able to offer a child care subsidy as well. We're always accepting applications! Click the link below to submit yours!

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